Brenda Reed Mediation Services
6276 Acacia Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618
Phone: 510 601-9837
Fax: 510 428-0332

Specializing in EEO, Employment, and Workplace issues using the the Transformative & Facilitative method Philosophy is: "When mediators choose, parties lose." Mediator supports the parties in reaching their own unique resolutions to their issues by facilitating the discussion, helping the parties identify key issues, supporting the parties in their dicussions with one another, and helping them reach lasting resolutions that are mutually beneficial and that optimally leave the parties better off than they were prior to mediation.

Brenda Reed has successfully mediated over 600 Employment, EEOC, Workplace disputes involving individual employees, supervisors, managers, and union representatives. Contract Mediator for the US Postal Service REDRESS I & II Programs, EEOC, TSA, San Jose Evergreen Community College District.  Provided EEO and fact finding services to  US Investigative Services, California Department of Food & Agriculture, and the US Forest Service. . She has successfully mediated over 400 employment discrimination cases, Served as a Community Mediator with Mediation Services in Hayward, CA for two years and successfully mediated & conciliated over 50 cases involving landlord/tenant disputes (rent increases) and neighbor disputes. Ninety percent of all her cases have resulted in a written settlement agreement and positive changes in the workplace and employee's relationships. Experienced as a professional speaker.

Successfully mediated disputes between: Individual employees involving discrimination & harassment Employees & Supervisors to include performance evaluations, forms & level of supervision, displicinary actions, & inappropriate workplace behavior Ongoing conflicts between Managers & Supervisors.

When given the opportunity and a supportive environment, parties to a conflict can and will rise up and reach mutually beneficial resolutions that leave them better off than they were before. When mediators choose, parties lose. All choices and decisions are those of the parties themselves. The mediator supports and empowers.

Brenda Reed provides fact-finding services in the area of employment/EEOC cases. She has performed employment investigations for US Investigations Services, US Justice Department, Immigration & Naturalization Services, US Border Patrol, USDA, and US Forest Service.

Fees for Mediation Services
Hourly rate: $250   Daily rate:  $1900   (four hour minimum)
Cancellation policy:  72 hours notice must be given otherwise mediator will be entitled to receive her full fee for the scheduled mediation.

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